Yunus Social Business Centers (YSBCs)  from the Asian-Pacific region have come together to work jointly to foster the contribution to the community development through the platform of Social Business model. The main objective of the YSBCs AP is to align itself with the “Three 0” proposition made by the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

The objectives of the YSBCs Asia-Pacific are the followings but not limited to:

  1. To have the Asia Pacific Network as the fraternity and regional platform for intellectual discourse on implementation of Social Business for Community Development initiatives
  2. To work on a research collaboration and co-authorship with Yunus Centres within Asia Pacific
  3. To strengthen network within the Asia-pacific and intensify visibility of the YSBCs at the regional and global level for reputation building.

The members of the YSBCs Asia Pacific believe that with the cooperation and working hands on hands; practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students can change the world and make a better living place where poverty will be left back at the museum.